OK! Here’s the scenario.

It’s 2.30 in the morning. You are standing outside your locked front door. You have lost your key. You need a locksmith. You can’t get at your laptop which is inside the house to look up a local locksmith. The phone box round the corner hasn’t got a directory and anyway the phone doesn’t work. The contacts on your mobile phone don’t include a locksmith. So what do you do?

Easy! You get your All Hours membership card out of your wallet. You ring the emergency number that is on there and quote your membership number. You relax, knowing that your call has been given priority and you will get 10% discount on all charges.

What’s that? You haven’t got an All Hours membership? Then you had better go to our new Membership page and join for free right now.

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New Site Goes Live

Today is a very exciting one for us here at All Hours Locksmiths. Our new website, designed by Monakmore Design, has just gone live.

Hopefully you will find it useful, not only for finding a locksmith company which offers an unbeatable, affordable and friendly locksmithing service, but also for the security tips and advice we will be adding from time to time.

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